Q1. Is this courses affiliated to any university /organization /Govt. Bodies/ College ?

No . These classes are totally Private and independent classes . It is not affiliated to any body or  any organization any where  .

Q2. What is the mode of teaching in these course?

This is a E learning mode / Home Study / Correspondence course. We will be sending you the study materials  as well as assignments . You have to submit assignments on line to complete this course

Q3. Why should we do this course ?

This course is designed  is such a way that it give you practical knowledge about the real field experience. We teach you what you learn after you college in training period or early stage of profession .

After doing this course you get experience which helps you to work under an Architect at an early stage or even help you during your college days in doing other projects more efficiently .

Q4. What Qualification do you require to do this course ?

Any one can do this course .

Some of the courses are useful for  those who are directly related to Building construction , Architecture or any type of  designing and Planning of buildings and interiors .

Any student who is in 2nd semester or has done at least 1 design project who can understand Plan Elevations  can join this course .

B.Arch /B.Tech Civil /Diploma In Civil / Interior Designers /Interior decorators /etc

Students of all the above courses can also join .

Course in Interior Decoration and Vaastu can be done by any one. It is use full in general . No degree required for doing this course

Q5. Is there any entrance exam to join this course ?

No there is no entrance exams to join this course . Admissions are purely on the basis of information provided by you in the admission form.

Q6. Is there any written exam or physical exams to complete this course ?

No. There is no written  exams to complete this course . How ever  there will be assignments which you have to complete and submit through E mail .

Q7. Do  Auto CAD or any specific software is required/essential for doing this course ?

No . You can submit your assignments in hand drafted or auto cad drafted sheets. Even drawing made on graph paper / A4 size sheet  with proper scaling and every thing properly written will also work .You will draft the  assignments and then take a print out .Scan the copy and send on mail . You can save the scan file in any format         Saving in PDF files will be a better option.

Q8. How we have to submit the Assignments ?

Assignments has to be submitted on line on Email .

Q9. How the study material will reach us ?

All Study material will be send to you registered E mail Id provided in your application form .

Q10. Which Type of Certificate will be provided to us ?

A certificate is issued on successful completion of course which certifies that you have successfully completed the course and Grades Certificate

Q11.  Marks Classification & Grades

D –   0 – 39%    Poor

C- 40 -50% Fair

B- 50 -70% Good

A -70 – 80%  Very Good

O- 80% – 100% Outstanding

Q12.  How to contact the institute for any clarification. Can we  make a call on telephone number  provided ?

No you don’t have to make a call . All queries are answered on E mail or Whats App  . It is always advisable to mail us your queries with proper enrollment number  so that we can clear  your queries  in effective manner .

Q13. Do we have any Physical Classes for this course ?

No there will be no physical classes .

Q14. When we can Start the course ?

Course starts on 5th of any month . Students paying and submitting money before 5th of any month will start the course on 5th of that particular month.

Eg . Suppose you pay money on 6th Sept  then you will be eligible for 5th October batch . You will receive material on 5th October .

Q15.  How to make Payment ?

Payment has to be made online only  through a secured gate way of Pay U money which is integrated on site . On home page click Payments.

Specialized Certificate course in Planning of Residential Buildings and Architecture