Ongoing course  Duration 3 Months


(Residential Design Architecture )
Short Term Specialized /Advance level Training Program

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Building house is a dream to everyone in this world .Is like a life time achievement. So Residence becomes very important

If we go through the history of Famous Architects of past and present we find one thing was very common in their portfolio – They designed good residences in their early days of their profession whether it was   F.L Wright ,  Le Carbusiour , Hafeez Contractor,   Robert Venturi ,  etc . Remember Robert Venturi House or Falling Water which are one of the greatest examples of Residential Architecture due to which these architects are remembered till date.

This is one design problem which is neglected at our college days and we take it for granted that this is one of the easiest designs but it is one of the toughest designs in real life and it plays a very important role in our professional life. To design a residential building you have to satisfy everyone in family .The project involves every member of the family and fulfilling everyone needs is not a joke.

The First project which an Architect gets in his life is always a residence which is generally offered by some known or well wisher like close friends or relatives. If completed successfully can lead to many other projects by the means of mouth publicity as well the residence is the showcase of one’s capability in field of architecture.


Is a fresher Architect ready to handle that opportunity?

Answer is   NO

Because he lacks practical knowledge about the field. The execution part. Structures can be solved by a structural Engineer but practical details of design has to be done by the Architect himself

In college what we learn is theoretical not the practical knowledge. The site given in Architecture college is Hypothetical not the real one or if it is real it’s a bigger one where we put every this according to our convenience.
Remember one having a big site will never go for a fresher Architect he will always opt for a experienced architect because construction is very costly and he will never take chance any way.

Here in this course we will be not talking about hypothetical innovation or some extra ordinary design ideas but here we will be only discussing about the various spaces – how to create the various spaces in a limited space provided . Here we will be discussing about the practical designs which are generally in use with the demand of builder or the owner . In this course we will be talking about creation of more in less spaces practical and overall beneficial and usable spaces . We will be talking various constraints and Architect /Designers faces while doing a project like extra demands of owner , Local Bye laws budget and finally the comfort of people who are going to use that.


This  E course aims at providing real experience to Students, Architects & Engineers with useful  insights and better understanding of approaches to Planning & Designing of Residential Buildings .

What you study in college is theoretical part not the practical part. How to design building in real is very different what you learn. In includes various constraints like bye laws, budget, requirements. future construction, structures , efficiency , Practical execution etc. This practical part you learn during training period or even after you pass out of college and start working in practical field .

To learn things in Practical take lots of time .

What we intend to do is to bridge this gap of theoretical studies and Practical understanding. Here we will make you aware about how to design residential buildings in real practical field so that you can work better. This training will make you industry ready as well as open doors for better employment.


Job oriented, Start your carrier in early stages ,Popular designs of different sizes of residences . Access to some of the popular and commonly used design in India as well as all over the world which are not available in the open market.

Beside this you earn a Valuable Certificate which adds to your Resume.

Convenient Home Study course, No entrance test , No exam to pass ,

Fees very less even less than a book in Architecture.


Designing & Planning of Residences  . It does not includes Planning of Multistoried Apartments .

This course consists of planning of various types of residences like individual houses, Bunglows , Villa, Duplex , Builders floors etc in cities like Delhi , Gurgaon , Noida , Mumbai , Pune, Banglore, Lucknow etc

This includes some popular residential designs in other countries also .

The course includes

  • 16 Plans of various Residences in India to study. Popular Executable Designs
  • Luxurious Villas in different parts of India
  • 15 Popular Residential Plans of other countries.
  • 150 approx Elevations of Residences in different part of world including India, China Singapore USA , Japan, UK etc.
  • E Book – of 270 pages approx containing Theory with respect to Residences including chapters of building Bye laws , FAR ,Comfort criteria , Factor effecting planning Site selection Orientation, Ventilation , Study of sunshades , Circulation Services , Economy in space , Detail Study of Kitchen , Toilet, Bed room, Dining Children room Study room etc. Study of different types of staircases , Different types of roofs , Various landscaping like terrace gardens Balcony gardens Theme Gardens, Design build Questioner  Elevations Windows Doors , Various types of Pools in residences, Leisure and Entertainment spaces Like games room Media room SPA etc &  introduction to green Architecture .


This course commences in first week of every month throughout the year. Admission is confirmed entirely on the basis of information provided by the applicant in the application form and fees deposited.

No entrance test is being conducted.

To get enrolled into online E course fill the form provided and send it to us.


Rs.3000/-  for the entire course. 3 Months

Extension for 3 more months – Rs.600/-


Any one can do this course .It is useful for  those who are directly related to Building construction , Architecture or any type of designing and Planning of buildings and interiors .

Any student who is in 2nd semester or has done at least 1 design project who can understand Plan Elevations  can join this course .

B.Arch /B.Tech Civil/Diploma in Civil, Interior Design, Interior Decoration . Those who are in Profession as well as students can Join this course .


The duration of this course is 3 months . In order to complete this course you have to submit 3 Final design problems  in addition to Critical Analysis of Plans Provided in every module .

Week       Module                  Topics covered
1st ,2nd & 3 week       Module 1 E book    +    Study of 5 Residential Plans   +

Assignment  1 (Critical Appraisal of 3 Design provided)

4th & 5th Week        Module 2 Elevations + 6 Residential Plans

Assignment 2 ((Critical Analysis  of 3 Designs provided)

6th &  7th Week       Module 3 Study Of 5 Residential Plans +

Assignment 3 (Critical Analysis of 3 Design provided)

8th  &  9th week       Module 4 Study of Residential plans of  other countries  +

Final Assignment

Project – 1

10th ,11th ,12th Week       Module 5 Study of Various housing Projects in India +

Final Project – 2 & 3

    3 month Extra for submission of projects can be extended with a payment of Rs.600.00